Spatial AI

Unlock Your Creative Potential: Explore Boundless Possibilities with Spatial AI  


Interactive Space is an AI that recreates
stunning spaces from your photos into 3D.
Through this AI, you can effortlessly showcase
and share spaces that resonate with you,
inviting others to connect and empathize.
Immerse yourself in these crafted
environments, walking through and exploring
as if you were truly there. Record and share
your remarkable spaces and experiences
through AI.

Spatial AI Structure

When you capture and upload images or videos of spaces or objects, our AI perceives them based on distance or varying angles. It then employs specific algorithms to deduce the positions and colors of each point.

These inferred outcomes are subsequently translated into 3D models,delivered with remarkable quality closely resembling the original photographs.

& Commercial Use

Efficient rendering allows embedding with fast loading speeds. Small file sizes and fast streaming allow you to enjoy interactive services in real time. And with support for Android, IOS, Web and even VR, you can use your service on most devices. With these powerful features, you can easily share it with your friends and use it commercially.

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